Mother’s Day



And Adam called his wife Eve because she was the mother of all living,” Genesis 3:20

With Mother’s Day coming do you ever wonder what it would be like to be the first mother in the world, to be the first one to give birth, the only woman with no one to turn to for advice or help, to experience the pains of childbirth and not have anyone to tell her that it was alright that it was the way it was supposed to be?

All we hear of Eve is that she was the first woman to sin and to cause her husband to sin, but there was so much more to Eve then what we read. Imagine yourself raising children in a world where there were no doctors, no help books on bringing up children and no other adults around beside her husband.

And of course no daycare or schools, no disposable diapers or formulas. Besides Cain, Abel and Seth, Adam and Eve had other children so I would imagine that she was kept very busy.

I am sure that despite not having all the modern conveniences that we have at our fingertips today Eve did enjoy her children and like all of us, she had many great memories of her children growing up as we all do. And later she would have her grandchildren who would have given her much happiness.

Along with the joy would have come much heartache, for Eve would be the first mother to experience the death of her son and the sorrow of not only losing a son but to also have a son that was the first murderer, can you imagine the heartache that she must have felt. I cannot imagine how she must have felt, to me, one of the hardest things on earth would be to have to bury a child.and to know that his brother was the one that caused his death.

 The Bible doesn’t tell us too much about what kind of mother Eve was but I am sure that she wanted only the best for her children as we all do and living at a time when there were no modern conveniences it could not have been easy raising a family. Let your mind go back to those days and compare to the way things are today, we have so much to be thankful for. We are also reminded of another mother that does not get the recognition that she deserves and that is Mary the mother of Jesus. We read that Joseph was much older and probably died when the children were still all at home leaving Mary to raise them alone, and having a large family this would not be an easy job. She was also a mother who would have to see her son die, imagine the sorrow that this mother would feel, the helplessness, the hopelessness and the heartache that she would be feeling.Even though these mothers lived in a different time and a different culture then we do today we still have a lot in common. We are women and mothers and no one else can experience the love that we feel for our children. We all experience great joy but we can also feel much heartache at times but no matter what, they are and will always be our children. So as Mother’s Day draws near take time to reflect on the wonderful gift that you have been given that is the gift of being a mother and be thankful.

Rev. Marie Yvonne.

Bishop Founder of New Hope Ministry & Missions and the Women Ministry

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