Spiritual Secrets of Concentration

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By: Arthur Regis

For most of the time, we are barely conscious of what we are about because there are so many projects, memories, words and images chasing each other rapidly through our brains, overlapping and interlacing in a totally free and chaotic manner.

There are not many people who can decide to devote their attention exclusively to something if only for an hour, and then keep their thoughts on track without getting confused or distracted.

There’s right! We disperse and dissipate our mental energy all the time. Sometimes it’s possible to concentrate hard in the heat of the moment perhaps when influenced by a powerful emotions or an urgent necessity. But even then, you are submitting to the situation rather than controlling it.

This is not the deliberate, calm and active kind of concentration Maria Duval wants to discuss with you here – the kind that opens the doors to success and achievement.

In this world, there are students who in two hours flat can produce works that their comrades would find it difficult to accomplish in four hours.

There are people who when presented with a problem to solve, give it about fifteen minutes’ thought and them come up with the answer.

There are attorneys or lawyers who only start to study their case files an hour before attending a hearing.

There are surgeons who examine their patient for only ten minutes before carrying out an operation. And who are capable, during the course of this operation, of modifying their technique each time a new factor comes to light.

The truth is that these people perform well because they know how to focus their mind, quickly and effectively. How do they manage to do this?? That’s what Maria Duval is about to explain briefly.

Concentration is the power to focus all your psychic forces on a single point at a time, without allowing yourself to be distracted by any events or situations going on around you, says Maria Duval.

If you get a magnifying glass and allow the sunlight to shine through it, the light will be focused to such a point that it can burn many objects and burst into flames. Likewise, if you concentrate on a single issue as hard as you can, without getting distracted, you will experience a flash of enlightenment. So using this technique, problems that creep into your mind can be solved after a few minutes of concentration.

Concentration is the faculty that makes people great. If you want to be successful, to do something worthwhile and reach the highest rungs of the social ladder, Maria Duval says it is important that you must learn to channel your attention, your thoughts, your feelings, your desires and your will by focusing them to a single point like the sun’s rays.

Individuals who become high-flyers in absolutely any field of human activity are people who are capable of concentrating their minds. Let Maria Duval explain the two main aspects of concentration so that we can better understand the mechanisms involved:

  • There is one type of concentration that involves regular practise sessions, performed using specific places, times and body postures, and possibly accompanied by certain breathing techniques;
  • The other type is brought to bear on life itself, as it happens, with its obvious repetition, but with all its variations and surprises as well.

Although they can be exercised independently, an esoteric law known as the law of complementarity, in fact, links these two types of concentration because these practices support and reinforce each other. Understanding and observing this phenomenon is one of the keys to success.Send this page to:

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Arthur Regis is a freelance spiritualist. He practises the spiritual laws based on the teachings of psychic Maria Duval. His blog can be found at Maria Duval’s Talisman.

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The cosmic religion of einstein

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Albert Einstein

By Johnny Cyreous
Mar 7, 2008
“The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion. The religion, which will be based on experience, will refuse to be dogmatic.” – Albert Einstein

Let me tell you what living an empowered life really is. It is living by principle. Principles are harder than laws to follow. Laws say what to do or what not to do. Mankind has basically enjoyed living by laws rather than principles because laws do not require us to think. The law says do and we obey. However, laws are usually based on some principle. Here is an example. Most countries have laws against stealing. The law will be stated in a simple don’t statement like: “Do not steal. Stealing is against the law! Those caught stealing will pay a fine of $500.00 and spend 30 days in jail.” This law is clear and simply stated. This law is based on a universal principle; treat others as you would want to be treated. That is the root principle. It can be broken down into more detailed principles such as desiring others things creates problems with you, and your neighbor, and It is wrong to covet another person’s things as this could create all sorts of problems psychologically, socially, and spiritually. The reason why principles are of a higher standard than the law is because with the law we are simply following orders. Principles are conditions of conscience which we must think out and choose the appropriate action. In the case of stealing, let’s say no law existed. Yet if we encountered an opportunity to steal from our neighbor we would stop, consider the principle of treating others as we would want to be treated, and apply that to stealing. In such a case we thought through the whole thing and decided to treat our neighbor well since we would not appreciate someone stealing from us.

Einstein understood this which is the essence of the quote mentioned above. He said the religion of the future will refuse to be dogmatic. Laws are dogmatic, which is what makes them sometimes unfair. There is no leniency with law. You break the law you pay the penalty. Police don’t care either way, neither do lawyers nor judges or anyone in the justice system. That’s why there is no justice in the justice system. Aren’t you tired of laws that don’t take into account the uniqueness of a particular situation?

Einstein said the new religion will be based on experience. That is it will be based on principle rather than law. Our experience tells us what is wrong and what is right. Judging using experience is judging using the heart which takes into account every unique aspect of a crime.

This religion that Einstein was talking about is a religion like none seen before. It isn’t a religious organization as such. He says it is cosmic. Just substitute the word “spiritual” for “cosmic”. Einstein’s religion of the future is a religion where people no longer go to the church per say, but the church is in them, meaning that the people live by principles and judge matters according to experience and the heart. It is a spiritual world where religion as we know it no longer exists.

History reveals that another man spoke of these things at another time. It was around 33 C.E. He was Jesus of Nazareth. He wanted humans to understand the laws of God and set out to explain them by parables demonstrating the principles behind the laws. The Jews of that time thought that this Jesus had come to destroy their religion. In fact, he himself said he did not come to destroy it, but to explain it. He was trying to teach any Jew who would listen, the principles behind the laws. Of course, he did not come to destroy what was called the Law of Moses. It was he in another form who gave this law to Moses some two thousand years earlier. Why would he want to destroy it or change it? He came to explain the principles behind the law so that men could begin to think for themselves. In that way, it could be said that Jesus came to do away with the law, not that he was destroying it, but replacing it with principles. They were not new teachings, but the world did not get it. In fact, some still do not today. Some Christians believe that Jesus came to start a new religion. Not at all. He came to explain the law which he was the author of along with God. Have you ever wondered why it is that the most wars being fought today are a war between the two largest factions of religion on earth, Muslims and Jews? These two should contain most of the depository of God’s knowledge for us, yet they continue to fight in ignorance of the high principles that would save them if they only understood and applied them to their situations.

Living an empowered life means being able to apply principles to all that we do. It means living spiritual lives. It takes a pretty special kind of person to do that. Not many in our world are ready for this. Einstein tried to give us a glimpse of what that future world would look like. But alas, because the world is not yet ready to live by principle, there is still a need for religion and law. If they were abolished mankind would need to stand on their own and make those important decisions which they can not seem to male.

As you take on the world today, be empowered. Apply all the principles you know to live and its challenges. As you come across laws, look into them deeply to find the underlying principle and watch how you become filled with power. This is the power of living a principle-driven life.

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